Head and Co-Founder @Carpe Hora

It was a long journey with countless twists and turns.

I started right after my internship, as the only developer, exploring web technology while creating what became the first prototype of t-resa, our product.

Cash was short, so I contracted for a year and a half in web related research services. You can find more information in dedicated pages

It took 2 years to have a working prototype that allowed raising money.

I hired 1, then 2 and finally 3 trainees to teach them all I know for a few months. Trainees turned into employees and a new sales department was created. Prototype became product, while sales were having hard times.

Back at contracting to pay bills as sales where giving us hard time, we tried more and more ways.

In the end we didn’t make it to the market, being unable to find the right angle, but it was an experience ! All employees and myself had great opportunities, so it was time to move on.

If you ask me, first thing to do before building a product, is to make sure you know how to sell it !

Carpe Hora

Carpe Hora

Nov 2005 - Sep 2012 (7 years)

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